a new year, a new home.

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satsuki shibuya illustrated portrait by yasmine alroe for GIRLS project.

happy new year to you! this year has started off to be quite interesting with much insight from the universe & although still hibernating, i feel that spring is near with ideas bubbling beneath the surface.

one of the things i have been debating about is whether or not to continue blogging. i find myself in a strange position when i meet people & they ask me, “so, are you a blogger?” & my immediate reaction is to say “no”. having friends who are professional bloggers, i have much respect for what they do and know that blogging as a career is not easy!

i have to be honest & say that the thought has crossed my mind, to try blogging as a career, but after quick contemplation, i come back to the realization that my preferred blogging style is of a weekend golfer, play for fun, share some laughs with company i enjoy being around.

so with that said, i’ll be moving this blog to my main site where you’ll find any writings, sharings and such under the title, journal, although i must admit that i foresee it being a more sporadic, spur of the moment, whenever i feel like it, happening. *wink*

another new years’ resolution of mine was to simplify things so that i can concentrate more on creating, living life fully & feel that this will help me towards that goal.

thank you for following along my journeys here & hope to see you over there too!

p.s. i’ll still be sharing my curiosities & such via my tumblr site, curiosities & the unknown, for those who might be… well… curious about that! xx

it is always now / sam harris

yes, ohhh yes. simple, yet powerful.

// sam harris – it is always now

madewell dress code denim event


hi friends! i’m excited to share that i’ll be partnering up with madewell, along with other lovely LA/OC creatives to celebrate their new denim collection this coming thursday at their the grove / los angeles store location! there will be drinks, eats, tunes & some fun style happening so come on down! i would love to meet you. ♥



date: 11.14.13 (this thursday!)
time: 6-8 pm
location: madewell @ the grove . 189 the grove drive . los angeles . ca . 90036 (next to the movie theatre)
tel #: 323.938.9317


hope to see you there!

// madewell + the grove

kimono girl in wonderland / fashion event


hello! how have you been? as you might have noticed, i still haven’t quite started my hiatus yet as i still have yet to tie up some loose ends, but i have slowed down considerably & have been enjoying the slower pace of things. i’ve been able to bring health, wellness + spirituality to the forefront — adventuring to our local farmers’ market to gather seasonal veggies & fruits, starting a morning practice consisting of reading / meditating / yoga & enjoying breakfast without any interruptions. although once hiatus begins, i do hope to immerse myself in these things more, just having the time + mental space to enjoy these things has brought a deep sense of peace that i haven’t experienced in a long while. if you might have contemplated a break or to slow down, i would highly recommend it! it brings a whole new perspective to things & on top of all of the wonderfulness that you experience, the universe seems to continue gifting the more you let go… at least, that’s what i’ve been noticing.

ok, so back to today’s post! i’ve been having the pleasure of working with japanese culture + kimono expert / stylist, kimino rinko & illustrator amelia cantlay on their upcoming fashion event, kimino rinko presents: kimono girl in wonderland & have to admit that i get giddy every time i hear updates about the show during our consulting sessions. the interesting thing about kimino-san’s take on kimono fashion is in the way she incorporates vintage & ready-to-wear items into her kimono styling to make it accessible for everyone, not only for the japanophile. this show will not only be presenting her take on kimono wear being an everyday clothing item, but to weave in the story of alice in wonderland. also, not to mention, the show is going to be at the last bookstore in downtown los angeles. have you been? it’s a magical place fit for alice + her fantastical happenings.


here are the details:

date: 12.01.13
time: 5pm
location: the last bookstore . 453 s. spring st . los angeles . ca . 90013
admission: free!


for more information, please visit kimono days! hope to see you there!

// kimono days



zen master skippy

my boss.

i look at our dog, skippy, and sometimes can’t help but think he is some zen master trapped in a pup body.

when anyone comes over, regardless of who they are, whether stranger or family, he greets them with a wag and smile, seeming like it’s his first time ever seeing the most special person in the world. i wish i could have the heart of making all who i meet feel special, to greet them with my whole heart, never holding back and never taking anyone’s presence forgranted.

during our walks, because of his hip dysplasia, he sometimes suddenly sits down to take a break regardless of whether i’m walking ahead of him or in a hurry. he points his nose up into the air and enjoys the breeze flowing through his fur coat. i wish i could remember to be more kind to myself and regardless of what is happening around me to take time to rest and enjoy the moments with life. to know when i need to take a break and not be apologetic about it.

when he does something wrong accidentally or when we are under stress and yell at him, the next second he wags his tail and comes to sit next to us as if nothing happened. i wish i could get past my own ego enough to not care whether who’s wrong or right, but to accept and be there for the person, to comfort and share my love with them.

i still have much to learn, o’ zen master skippy. hope you’ll stay with us as long as possible so that we can continue learning & growing from you.

pledge for consciousness


with the advent of technology, we as a society have become so addicted to this idea of immediacy that we are continuously on a roller coaster of sugar highs and crashes only to be searching for our next high.

i, myself being one of these addicts, pledge to live life more fully, more consciously & enjoy the moments that make it beautiful. i give myself permission to keep getting up and trying when and if i find myself falling & to never give up as that would be the same as giving up on living life in its entirety.

will you take this pledge with me?

branding 101 workshop / thoughts






last sunday, i had the most amazing time at the branding 101 workshop at poketo! i originally capped the class at 15 students, but to my surprise, it ended up being a class of 25! so very thankful to all who decided to come out & spend the afternoon exploring together.

when poketo first invited me to possibly host a workshop in their beautiful space, i was excited and at the same time unsure what i could share, but thanks to some conversations with angie (one half of the duo behind poketo), i am so happy to have shared branding in such a way that explored not only the thought behind a brand, but to dig deeper into finding out about the individual and their philosophies on why they started their company.

we talked about how to gather, process and curate ideas, to come up with the “essence” of who they were, and at the end of the class shared the before and after with one another.

i didn’t say it during the class, but with such amazing transformations happening during the workshop to each student, i felt my heart swell up with so much joy, it was hard not to be moved.

although i will be going on break (will be sharing more on that soon as some new thoughts have emerged since the last time i wrote about it), i hope that doing workshops will be something i can continue to do once i’m back. i never thought i would enjoy it as much as i did! something about sharing ideas and being able to connect with others directly was just magical.

for more photos & a recap, please visit the poketo blog!

a big BIG thank you to angie & ted of poketo & their awesome staff for their support in making it happen! & thank you to all who came out! i loved getting a chance to hear your dreams. looking forward to seeing how everyone’s visions unfold.

// poketo : blog



i’m excited to share that i’ve just released my 3rd single, 明日をつなぐ今 (asu wo tsunagu ima / english translation: this moment that connects us to tomorrow)!

here is the thought behind the track:

this song is dedicated to the lives that were lost during the north japan earthquake & to those who continue, with strong hearts & spirits, to move forward. there is only one earth. we as humans, are all one. let us come together to share love & support for one another.

although you can download the track for free if you like by including your email address, 100% of any sales from this track will go towards programs / organizations supporting children, elderly, rebuilding of towns, etc. in areas affected by the north japan earthquake and tsunami.

for those who are interested in finding out what i’m singing in japanese, a translated version in english is available on the site.

thank you so much for your support!






// 明日をつなぐ今

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